Butterfly Visitor

  by deternitydx
, a photo by deternitydx on Flickr.

This weekend, we had a yard sale in the front yard. Over the past year, occaisonally there has been a butterfly that flits around my car and is quite friendly. Saturday, however, we had another visit. He was so friendly that he let the neighbor pet him, I had the chance to take some extreme closeups with my phone, and even had a chance to hold him for a while.

New Years Resolutions

I’ve been thinking about new years resolutions this year, reflecting on years past.  This morning, Jim Sommerville almost took the words out of my mouth at First Baptist in Richmond.  I still figured I’d share my thoughts.

Every year, I’ve tried to make resolutions, but they all seem to fail in time.  Two years ago, I tried to do a 365 days of pictures on Flickr, which lasted on and off for just over two months.  It was a lot of fun, but eventually “life” got in the way.  Even trying to stay simple, I’ve tried from giving up things such as fast food, soda, and tv time to promising to read for fun every day and going to the gym more often.

I don’t think this is the right direction to take the beginning of each year.  Rather than try to add specific goals, such as “lose weight,” “get in shape,” or “read more,” we should strive toward who we want to be and who God wants us to be.  I know the person that I know I can be is not the person I am now, since there is so much more I want to do and be in this world, and I believe that God uses those dreams and passions.  For me, this year, it means that I will be more focused on serving God wherever I am; being more proactive about quiet times, reading time, posting and taking photos, building friendships; and researching new directions that God wants to take me.

So, my parting questions are: 1) Who do you want to be, and who does God want you to be?  and 2) What can you do in small steps to become that person?